{ Skinny sleeves > Floppy sleeves }

In my opinion, skinny sleeves are better than floppy sleeves on shirts. It's only a small detail, but I think it makes a big difference in both how my shirts look and how apt I am to wear them. I bought this green shirt at Old Navy the other day, and after one wear, it was apparent that the sleeves were too floppy for my liking. So...I took to the sewing machine. After two small seams, I had myself two nicely fitting sleeves, and one of my new favorite shirts.

The floppy sleeve before I sewed it. The look on my face clearly says "I'm not sure why I'm wearing a shirt with such a floppy sleeve."

The seam I sewed in the armpit of my shirt to trim out the sleeve

The after product. See?! A skinny sleeve just looks classier and cleaner, don't you think?

As a side note, I've done this to a few normal t-shirts I have too. Kind of a cool effect -- tight sleeves with looser torsos. Good looking.


Matt Olsen said...

Skinny...two thumbs up, indeed!

Katy said...

bah! matt would steal my two thumbs up comment... but here it is anyway. (we all know who said it first anway.)

2 Thumbs up for a job well done!!!

justin said...

I'm a fan of skinny sleeves too. 'course I'm a fan of skinny shirts, so that goes with the territory. But if I happen to have a shirt with unskinny sleeves I'm not all crafty about fixing it. I just stop wearing it :)

Patricia said...

dear nicki, did you make that seam on the armpit side? i can't tell by your picture. love, patricia

Kare said...

i love you :)

Bonnie said...

Good Job! I'm sending you a pack of shirts to fix, pronto.

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