{ Moose Tracks }


I wasn't around to witness this, but my roommate totally took this picture just outside my condo complex today (that's it in the background). For the record, that's a moose. Or possibly a moose-ito -- Alison, the photographer, said it looked like a little moose. We may live at the base of a canyon, but come on! This is Provo, not Alaska! A MOOSE?! Holy nuts and awesome, batman! I'm sad I missed it.


MegRuth said...


justin hileman said...

But mint chip is cooler :)

Katy said...

are you for real right now?!?!?!? that was seriously a few yards from our houses! thats absolutely nuts.... and amazingly awesome. i had no idea moosen lived in the area!

Nicki said...

Mint chip might be cooler, but the voice of the people continues to speak in MY favor ;)


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