Christmas with the Clarks

Happy New Year everyone! We traveled to Colorado for our Christmas holiday this year to spend time with my lovely family, the Schmidts. I took a whooping two usable photos from the trip (taken right outside of church to capture our matching Christmas outfits), so I'm sorry for the lack of Colorado representation. Our Colorado Christmas visit, despite pictoral representation, was just as I like it though -- lots of face time with the family I love (besides Andy and his family -- we missed you, brother!) playing cards, doing puzzles and eating copious amounts of tasty food.

Before heading out of town, we were sure to decorate our abode so we could enjoy it for a few weeks before the formal festivities. Tree decorating went per the usual -- I decorated while Ty sat back snug as a bug in a rug and took photos. This year we picked out a 9.5 feet noble fir (whoa momma!) after visiting no less than 5 Christmas tree lots to be sure we found just the right tree, so I recruited some stools to help me in the decorating. I think I'll be adding a garland to the tree next year -- this year's tree seems to scream "give me a garland!" and so, indeed I shall.

Hope you had a warm, festive, happy holiday season with you and yours! Christmas really is the best way, in my opinion, to wrap up the year. Here's to a new, exciting 2012.


Kristie K. said...

You look so happy and beautiful! love you

erin said...

Nicki!!!! Making bread once a week is one of MY new years goals too! I've even been grinding my own wheat. Oh, how great minds think alike...

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