Tree leftovers

Tuesday night Ty and I hauled our massive tree down the stairs and out to the street for the garbage man to pick up the following morning. Upon returning, however, we found that a fair amount of the tree decided it didn't want to leave the house yet. In fact, it decided to stew itself about so as to occupy as much of the condo floor as possible. Rude. The defiant tree pieces were no match for my broom and dustpan, thankfully, but I still have need to vacuum the stairs (which has obviously taken quite some motivating as it's still not done.) I'm thinking it may take a few more days of self motivation to get the oomph to make that happen though. I mean, let's be honest, who on earth likes to vacuum the stairs? No one...that's who. (EXCEPT FOR MAYBE MY FRIEND JESSICA. SHE SWEARS SHE HAS A SUPER VACUUM THAT MAKES THE CHORE QUITE THE DELIGHT.)


Paul said...

Tricky Nicky - That is why we have a fake tree :-)

On a side note - I know someone looking for an awesome designer. You doing freelance stuff? Is so shoot me an email at


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