Fall wardrobe

Fall is here! Which means the AC is off and we get to sleep with the windows open. And isn't sleeping with the windows open just about one of the best joys in life? I mean honestly. Thank you fall for that little blessing.

Layering is a close second in the list of gifts fall so graciously bestows on us. It seems a bit backwards, but there really is just something about putting more clothes on that makes getting dressed in the morning a whole lot easier. The third gift of fall is apple cider just in case you were wondering.

With fall wardrobing in full swing, here are a few fall-flavored things that have caught my eye lately. I may have already bought that striped skirt from Target; purchases of cute affordable skirts really can't be helped.

1. Faux leather baseball cap | Target
2. Flannel Boyshirt in Fence Plaid | Madewell
3. Knitted Tube Scarf and Patterned Scarf | H&M
4. Anouk Dress | Boden
5. St. Germain Coat | Boden
6. The Billie Boot in Suede | Madewell
7. CIAO Pullover Sweatshirt | Urban Outfitters
8. Wrapper Clutch | Stitch & Hammer
9. Striped skirt | Target


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