And we sold our car

Hey friends. Sorry for going missing on Friday. I made an unexpected trip to Colorado to sell our car. Then I got food poisoning yesterday, which is a whole different story. But, back to the car. We've had it listed for the last bit, so it was exciting to find the perfect buyer, even if they were one state away.

I am usually not so keen on driving. Ty drives us everywhere. Which I love. Not that I'm not capable of driving, it's just nicer to sit in the passenger seat and knit or read, you know? So I was as surprised as anybody when I was actually excited to make the drive to Colorado on my own Friday. "This will be fun," I thought as I plopped myself and my small carry-on into the car. Wha? But it's true. So armed with a book on CD and a mound of podcasts, I was off. And in my family, making good time is a big deal, so I am also proud to announce I made excellent time. 6 hours and 45 minutes, and I even took time to stop for a sandwich. Not too shabby.

So everything went off without a hitch. Even buying an airplane ticket mere hours before my flight back to Utah. Which I have never done, but was actually kind of fun. And now I am back in Utah, one car lighter. Hope you all had non-whirlwind kind of weekends.


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