A movie for date night

Ty and I watched Labor Day for our date night last night. It started off a little weird but turned into quite the enjoyable movie. By far the saddest film I have seen in a good long while.* To quote Ty, "The amount of happy is not enough for the amount of sad in this movie." Agreed. We both cried. But it was good. Even Ty thought so. So if you need a good date-night movie (or even just a watch-by-yourself movie), and you don't mind some tears, totally go for it. It's on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.

*Volcano was definitely the last saddest movie I watched - MUCH sadder than Labor Day. SO SAD. It was showing on our plane ride back from Iceland. Go ahead and watch it if you feel like bawling your eyes out over and over again for 1 hour and 43 minutes. I exaggerate not. SO MUCH SADNESS. But really, it's actually an incredible movie worth a watch (even if it is incredibly sad).


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