Date night without the babe

Over the holiday we visited my family in northern Colorado, and while we were there my sweet niece volunteered to watch Everett so Ty and I could have a mini date night. It was extremely mini as we were only gone a little over an hour, but it was nice to have some alone time with Ty. We grabbed a quick bite to eat at Larkburger and did a little Christmas shopping in downtown Fort Collins, which, I might add, is so pretty during Christmas time. They string these big-bulb string lights from all the trees, and it's magical, I tell you. Utterly magical. Few things make me ooh and ahh like beautiful big-bulb string lights. You too? I thought so. Sorry no photo -- winter in Colorado is also utterly freezing, so you can't sit and admire for too long, let alone take a picture.

So with full bellies, we strolled hand-in-hand down the magical, freezing streets of old town until the cold drove us back into the arms of our little babe. It may not have been a long date, but it was a good one.


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