{ First trip to Southern Utah }

I have lived in Utah for more than seven years and I have never been down to Southern Utah (home of Zion's National Park, Arches, Moab, etc) -- lame, I know. So, when my friend Suzanne invited me to go down for a day trip, there was no way I was missing out. We visited goblin valley (as you may recognize from the movie Galaxy Quest) and also did the Little Wild Horse/Bell Canyon hike -- an 8 mile loop that takes you through a slotted canyon. I think it was a nice little treat of a trip, and I'm looking forward to more.

overlooking 2
Me with Goblin Valley in the background. All of those little rock formations really did look like little goblins.

valley with nicki 2
A view from down among the goblins.

goblin high 2
We did a little bit of free climbing and took this shot at the top of one of the formations we climbed.

Me and Missy hiked up pretty far. I forgot how much I love rock scrambling and climbing.


I think this shot came out sweet.

sweet looking up 2
Inside the slotted canyon hike -- it was seriously so beautiful.

narrow nicki 2
The narrow paths through the slotted canyon

group 2
Part of our group on the Little Wild Horse side of the loop

passing under 2
Ashley, Suzanne and John passing underneath me on the hike.


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