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How cool is this idea!? Looks like rather than charging set rates for meals, some restaurants are taking on the philosophy of letting patrons pay whatever amount they feel the food they consume was worth, no questions asked. In an article I was reading, one of the pay-what-you-want restaurant owners in Australia said this: "When it comes down to it, we just want to promote the very underutilized concept of trust." How rad is that! I fell in love with that phrase -- "the undertuilized concept of trust" -- and I decided I want to do more things in my life to promote this relationship of trust between me and everyone else. Just let go. Have a little faith. Sure I might get taken advantage of every now and again (as I'm sure some of the restaurant owners get stiffed by patrons who see these restaurants as a free for all) but in the end, I think the idea of people putting trust in one another will promote more good than it would produce bad. It's funny because a philosophy like this can be seen as completely foolish or completely brilliant. I choose to go with the brilliant thought :)

Here's a link to one in Salt Lake City.


LindsayFamily said...

That is crazy! cool, but crazy. I would like to think that most people can be tursted, but I have been proven wrong plenty of times. If you were to get an even share of honest to dishonest people then I think a business would do just fine.
Terri Ann

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