{ Conversation from Monday's lunch }

Michelle: So, I saw on your blog that you're going to India! Fun!

Nicki: Ya! I'm super pumped!

Michelle: Cool. Do you need a Visa to go to Inida?

Nicki: Ummm...what? I need a Visa to go to India?

Michelle: Ya. I think you may need a Visa along with your passport to go to India.

Nicki: Wha?! ya no...I have no idea.

Michelle: oh ya...I'm not sure. But I think you might. I will look it up when I get back to work and let you know.

And so she did. And so it turns out all travelers going to Inida for any amount of time need a Visa. Talk about an oversight on my part. An expensive expensive oversight. Can you imagine? This sad Nicki Schmidt in the JFK airport, "A what? I need something other than my passport?!" Sad. But...thanks to Meesh...problem solved. Whew.


Lauren Parks said...

Hilarious!! ~ That would have been awful!!! Michelle seriously saved the day on that one!

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