{ Vinegar = miracle worker }


When me and Katy first moved into the condo last year, I bought an eco-friendly soap thinking I was doing a good thing. But let me tell you, I was DEAD WRONG. Since then our dishes have come out of the dishwasher, without fail, with a gross white film on them. Disgusting. I'm sure it's sanitary, it's just totally unsightly and kind of embarrassing.

So...enough was enough. This week I pulled out the vinegar and de-grimed our dishes (in honor of our soap running out and Katy buying a newer, better kind of non-eco friendly soap that won't leave our dishes disgusting). Vinegar is heaven-sent. Who knew my mom was so right when she told me (months ago) that I needed to run my dishwasher with vinegar only to get rid of the grime. Smart smart mom.

I did it by hand this time though, then cleaned the dishes (also by hand) with soapy water. Totally worth the work. SO SO nice to have sparkly dishes again.

*NOTE: I know it's sort of ridiculous I didn't do this, say, right when the spots started showing up last summer. Ridiculous that I didn't just go spend $5 on new dishwasher soap to remedy the problem months ago. But. You know. Sometimes people are just illogical when it comes to spending an unnecessary $5 even when it will bring them SO MUCH HAPPINESS.


54 canoe said...

I'm all for "eco" but often the "eco" choice isn't the best choice.

On a similar note: I had a small scale disagreement/argument this morning with a mom at playgroup about family farms. My point being that its better to specialize and have food production centralized rather than every family to have a farm. She just wanted to raise her kids on a farm... which is fine, but don't do it in the name of saving the world 'cause it won't.

Nicki said...

you sing it, dude. sing it.

Lauren Parks said...

I really like your picture Demo - it really gets the point across! LOL

Yay for Vinegar!! It's what I clean my floors with and its safe for my little puppy and no streaks!! all you do is dilute with water.

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