A bonfire miracle

After collecting some abandoned Christmas trees from around the neighborhood (and having one placed in the back of our truck unbeknownst to us -- thank you random neighbor) we had 5 beauties to burn after the holiday season, so we decided to host us a tree bonfire over the weekend. It was nothing big, just a few friends and some pulled pork sandwiches on the east shore of Utah Lake. But, toward the end of our evening, we had a bonfire miracle! Just as the sun was setting, and we were burning the last couple trees, we were joined by at least 100 other unexpected people who had come to celebrate the Chinese New Year and light off lanterns. You know, like in Disney's Rapunzel? Lanterns, people! Now, I must tell you, this kind of made me beyond ecstatic. I am bit obsessed with these lanterns, and the fact that a massive lighting of them had just fallen into my lap made me feel a tad like the luckiest lady in the world, if you know what I mean (hello!). And seeing as we were there, everyone just assumed we were part of the party. So we all just cozied up by the fire together like one big happy Chinese New Year family, and I got to light off one of the extra lanterns (I had seen them many a time but never had never actually lit one myself). And it was kind of amazing. My kind friend Thomas (who just happened to show up as part of those 100 unexpected people) snapped those last shots of me up there lighting off the lantern. Such an awesome end to our night at the lake.


Julie said...

I think my husband and I saw these lanterns from a distance gliding above the foothills on Sunday night. At first we couldn't figure out WHAT they were. I'm glad my suspicions were correct. So beautiful.

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