Snow day in SLC

We spent Saturday as expected, trudging through the stormy streets of downtown Salt Lake as we ate lunch at Cafe Molise, visited with friends and shopped to our little foodie-hearts content at Trader Joe's. The snow really doesn't bother me as long as I'm equipped with my down jacket (I have the shorter version of this guy) -- I swear they are the magic of all magic coats. I was fully equipped on Saturday, toasty as a marshmallow, so no worries there. And I was sure to wear my Ty-thinks-they-are-ugly-but-they-are-my-best-snow-boots boots, so I was solid. My visiting sister on the other hand, who is sadly not pictured, was wearing cotton tennis shoes and a light-weight cotton jacket (she explained she was trying to pack light). Poor little lady. There was no complaining out of her though -- what a trooper. And no car accidents; I would chalk that up to a great day.

As for the snow in these parts, it seemed to snow forever on Saturday, but come Sunday it was all gone (insert total confusion). I'm not sure how that happened, but Hank and I took a hike  in the hills behind the house sans snowshoes, and about half of the ground we covered didn't have snow at all. Even the large, accumulated piles around the neighborhood have all but disappeared. Unthinkable. But kinda great if we are being honest. Bring on spring, I say. 

And I will say one sentence about Life Of Pi -- not as good as the book, but visually stimulating and the CG tiger was fantastic. And that was that.


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