Fjällräven Backpacks

Are these Fjällräven backpacks not the cutest? While we were in Iceland last year, Ty and I spotted them at a few gift shops around the country and FELL. IN. LOVE. "These would be THE CUTEST backpacks for little kids!" I exclaimed. "We should get them for the nieces and nephews!" Ty confirmed. Sadly, the $100+ price tag kept us from fulfilling our gift-giving dreams, so we instead snapped a photo and vowed to look them up on ebay when we got home. However, upon return to the US we realized there was no need; Jcrew beat us to it (and at a far more reasonable pricetag, at that). And I just spotted them again over at Modcloth. I still absolutely love them. And bonus, they make them for adults too!


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