Happy weekend

Friday is here again! Such great news. This week was packed full for me, but it still managed to fly by. Ty and I drove up to SLC at least once every day, so I am looking forward to less time in the car next week. Tonight Ty and I are parting ways and I am heading up to Park City for a girls weekend; a couple of my favorite ladies are getting married, so we thought we would celebrate with a weekend away. We are planning on getting some fantastic pizza at Maxwell's (have you tried it? It's honestly DELICIOUS) and spending a fair amount of time in the hotel hot tub. Hope you have something great planned too! Here are a few links to start off your weekend.

My brother guest posted over on Stay At Home Paranoid Mom this week about how his family lives sans car with multiple family bikes. He's seriously my hero.
The "I  YOU" sign is still up in our house cause we just aren't ready to take it down yet.
Thanks for the sweet mention this week, Mara. It made my week.
5 stylish home theaters. #3 is my favorite.
Paper Art.
I'm going be making this Rainbow Soup for dinner on Sunday.


Unashamed Girl said...

i absolutely love this quote. its what im trying to do. you have a lovely blog:)

Nicki Clark said...

Thanks @unashamed girl! And aren't we all, right? Such an awesome reminder for me too.

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