Happy Weekend

Happy weekend, everyone! The snow is coming down in buckets in these parts today -- huge white flakes. Millions of them. Thank goodness all our plans for the weekend are inside. Tonight I am taking my sweet niece indoor climbing to show her the ropes and help her get out of her comfort zone (way to go, Meg). And then tomorrow Ty and I are heading up to Salt Lake for dinner and the symphony with one of my favorite couple friends, Anna and David. Ty and I have been talking about going to something like the symphony for ages, so when we got an email from another dear friend saying she was going to be playing in her last performance on Saturday, we quickly scooped up tickets. Can't wait. What about you? Anything fun? Here are some links to start it all off:

This DIY fabric light cover is awesome.
Thoughtful glasses packaging.
Clever children's posters.
Madewell is having 25% off + free shipping right now. I am loving these boots of theirs
(in cadet).
The most adorable carrot cake for Easter.
Dying Easter eggs naturally.
Good thinking President Hinckley.
Dance. Dance. Dance.
Bear family.


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