Hiking Dry Creek

Now that the weather is warming up, Ty is on a major hiking kick, which I am totally loving. We decided to hit up Dry Creek Trail on Friday night for both our and Hank's enjoyment. We didn't get to the trail head until close to 7:30 p.m., and since we were sans headlamps, we made sure to keep it relatively short. But it was a great time. A STEEP great time.

Ty and I went around the first bend and realized we were totally isolated. "It's so quiet," I remarked. "Yeah," Ty agreed "It's like after the first turn you are completely alone." It was so so nice to feel like we were out of the city. And the view behind us of the valley was amazing. Hank ran around like a crazy dog, I did a little rock scrambling (you can spot me in the second picture down if you keep a keen eye), and we found a nice man to take our picture in front of the far-off Timpanogos mountain peak. A great night out with the boys. On the way home Ty indulged my request to get frozen yogurt (what a guy). And after we finished, it was very apparent that wasn't enough sustenance so we hit up Del Taco on the way home as well. Cause who doesn't want a post-hike chicken soft taco at 9 o'clock at night? Right? Right. That's what I thought too.


Monica said...

Can't believe how high you got on your "little rock scrambling" Well done!

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