Happy weekend

So, no birthdays this weekend, but I kinda feel like it's my birthday cause we are heading to Colorado to see Sigur Ros! Whhhaaaaaaatttt! This will be my first time seeing them. I saw Jonsi there a few years back, and all truth be told, it was kind of life changing. Too dramatic? I didn't think so. I'm hoping Sigur Ros can live up.

Along with the show, we are planning on a rip roaring good time with the Schmidt's and possibly sneaking in a little bit of my church's general conference so I can see at least some of it live. I hope you have great plans that include crepes and pajamas and happiness! Here are a few links to start it all off:

Free National Parks Day is coming up April 22-26! Mark your calendars. Participating parks.
If I ever own a surfboard again, I wouldn't mind one of these board bags.
How to make coconut butter.
I'm adventurous, but I honestly have no desire. This on the other hand is right up my alley.
GoatSheep. Bear. Cow?
Perfect for backflips off the swing.
Keys genius.
Simple DIY trick for chic shelves.
Oh my adorable leather top.
Ellen pranks. These make my life.


Katie said...

how is it that this is the 2nd time you have been to fort collins since I have moved here without calling me? Goodness.

Nicki Clark said...

KPAX! We were going to call you to come hike with us, but it was RIGHT during conference, and we didn't think you guys would want to miss it. We decided just to watch conference when we got back.

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