Sunday hike

As we've talked about before, Hank's exercise needs are a bit demanding. But it's usually at least partially remedied by a nice jaunt in the hills behind our house. So, as he was showing signs of boredom Sunday, I took Hank out for a hike, and it turned out to be kind of a sweet-sour experience. Sweet because of the beautiful sunny weather (a welcome change to the snow we are experiencing this week) but sour because of the creepy man who decided to stop as he was riding by on this dirt bike and ask me if I was okay (I was showing no signs of distress, mind you). "I am totally fine," I told him, and he continued to question me about a man who had been hollering about his dog a few minutes before. "I'm sure he's fine too," I said. And he road off. Creeped me right out. I've been listening to some podcasts lately that have me a little afraid of other human beings when I am alone in places that can't be seen from the road, so maybe I am just a bit paranoid. But still. Creepy. 


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