Bicycling Date

Ty and I headed up to Salt Lake Friday night via bikes and the train with some friends (I am really loving this whole train thing, you guys), and other than furiously biking a few miles to outrun some rain, the evening was relaxed, warm and beautiful. There is something so perfect about riding a bike around on a warm summer night. I feel like the world moves more slowly. I can appreciate the places I pass and the people I see and the little nooks and crannies of a city more when I am on bike. Not to mention I become MUCH more aware of potholes and inclines on the roads :) Nonetheless, though, it really is just the best.

Our routes on Friday evening wound us through the old residential neighborhoods of downtown, and I swear I repeated renditions of "Oh! look how cute that house is!" and "Hey! How great is that (arbor, fence, planter, siding, porch, etc)!" at least every 5 seconds; thankfully Ty loves houses as much as I do. I swear house watching has to be one of my favorite things. You too? Okay, good. In between house watching and just enjoying riding around, we picked up some tasty Thai food here (stamp of approval), and visited a statue garden and grabbed gelato here (that place is quickly becoming a favorite). It was just a beautiful night. 

And Saturdays garage sales didn't disappoint -- we got about a million CDs, a dirt biking helmet, some nice piece for my wardrobe (including a pair of Frye boots), and I brought home a 3-foot-tall, light-up, gold-letter sign that reads "PARTY." YES.  Pictures to come.


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