Memorial Weekend Recap

I swear, this weekend was the longest weekend that ever did exist. It was glorious; the hours on Friday AND Saturday AND Sunday AND Monday seemed to stretch on for infinity as we were either relaxing or driving from place to place, enjoying thing after thing. Rock climbing and golfing. Mexican dinner in our quaint little downtown. Visiting family and a family grave. Going to the dog park. Strolling around a near-by reservoir. Shopping at the outlets. BBQ-ing steaks and corn. It was a quintessential summer weekend, I tell you what. And it seemed to blissfully go on forever; such a treat.

I must tell you, though, that Hank spent most of Memorial Day in the back of our car. When Ty and I were leaving for Ogden to put flowers on his grandma's grave, Hank was incessantly pushing his way out the door with us, and then staring at the back of the car, waiting to be let in. So, at his request, he got to spend the day riding around in the car with us; first to Ogden, then to the dog park (he got to get out at that point) then to about a million other small places. Besides the dog park, I'm not sure how fun it was for him. But our day was awesome.

I also must tell you that cemeteries feel full and happy and warm on memorial day. The bright flowers beam cheerfully from various graves, and loved ones and families are all strewn about, sitting and standing and smiling with one another; recounting memories and expressing happy things. I was surprised at just how much I loved taking flowers to Ty's grandma's grave, and I'm looking forward to doing the same next year as well as taking some over to my sweet nanny too.

I hope your long weekends were equally enjoyable and never-ending.


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