Oh Sweet Lorraine

Just in case you haven't seen this yet, I wanted to post it. While we were in Maui, lazying in bed one night before dozing off to sleep, Ty pulled me over to him. "Watch this," he said as he propped his phone where we both could see it. By the end of the video we both had sweet little streams of tears running down our cheeks. Love is definitely the sweetest and most enduring gift we have in this world of ours.

On a related note, at girls camp in July I asked the girls what they thought the most powerful force in the world was. I had been mulling this question over in my mind for a few days and in my brilliance had come to the conclusion that it was water. Water was the most powerful force in the world. Without sharing what I thought, I opened the question up to the girls and within 3 seconds one of them shouted "Love!" Smarty pants.

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