Adventures in babies

Everett will be 7 weeks tomorrow! So crazy! Time seriously flies in this wonderful land of baby-ness. I'm still in love with him. And life is still so so wonderful. But, I will tell you this, if I have learned anything about parenting in these last few weeks, it's that I know absolutely nothing about parenting. And that babies be babies.

Yesterday was a doozey of a day. The daytime was AMAZING. Typically Everett has a rough time with naps, but not yesterday, friends. No. Yesterday was a dream. He'd eat. We'd have a solid 10-15 minutes of smiley, happy, awake interactive time. Then he'd get fussy, I'd swaddle him, and almost effortlessly he'd drift off to sleep and nap for 30 min to 2 hours. Like clockwork. It was incredible. The whole day followed that pattern - eat. happy. sleep. However, as incredible as yesterday day was, yesterday night was equally UN-incredible. After his 7:00pm feeding, Everett gave me all the signs of sleepiness. So, thinking I had this whole "put the baby down" thing figured out, I followed suit with our bedtime protocol. Diaper change. Sleeping gown. Swaddle. Rock the baby with a pacifier to sleep. But friends. He did not drift to sleep. Instead he cried. Inconsolably. For 3 HOURS. And I learned the meaning of being at one's wits end.

They say having a bad attitude in stressful situations is super helpful, right? Well good. Cause by the end of those 3 hours I had a VERY bad attitude. Thankfully I also have a very sweet husband who took time out from writing a paper to give me a break (heaven sent). But man. I tell you what, that was rough. Everett eventually did get to sleep. And the heavens opened, and the angels sang, and I was able to drift off to sleep myself. But I tell you what -- babies are an adventure. Thankfully, even after the rough nights, this is still my most favorite adventure.


Patrick, Lindsay and Jack said...

Oh, Nicki! I feel you. Jack was a HARD infant. It wasn't our second night home before I had a total meltdown and cried to my own mommy, "How do I get it to stop crying?!?" I was so sad when my mom left. And there were MANY rough times after that. But everyone with older babies and toddlers kept telling me, "It will get better!" And they were right! Toddler tantrums are something else, but I tell you what... I will take a 30 minute three-alarm toddler tantrum over the inconsolable hours-long screaming of a newborn any day! But you also can't compete with the cute sweetness of a newborn. I mean, just look at those pics you posted! I hope you have some better nights. And that you have people close to you that you can call on when you are feeling overwhelmed. Mommas need their alone time and their vent-to-their girlfriends time, yes-siree-bob.

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