Decking the halls

Decorating in these parts this year is at a minimum (and it took me 4 times as long to get it up -- hah! And I may have stored the boxes in the guest shower, cause who wants to carry those all the way back downstairs?) but we are loving it. There's just something about a home at Christmas time. It has this special kind of cozy magic that isn't there any time of year, you know? As I was pulling out the hand-me-down decorations I recently acquired from my sweet mama, my heart warmed. I loved setting them out and remembering all the times I did the very same thing as a kid. Our little nutcracker. The mouse advent calendar. The Christmas Tree plate. It's silly, but I kind of love it. I'll be sad come January 1st when I have to take it all down. The house just feels so lonely without the tree and the garland and the banners and the nic nacks, am I right?

As you likely know, tree selection in the Clark house is nothing short of a proper occasion. However, this year (after visiting only two lots!) we went with a tall, skinny, sparse little* pine tree. NOT the MO in this house. But because we will only be here two weeks to enjoy it, it seemed like the smart decision (as it is less than 1/3 the price of the tried and true noble fir that typically graces our living room). It felt a little like settling at the get go, but you know something great? It's been one of our favorite trees ever! It has wriggled its way into our hearts and I think it's here to stay. It's quirky. It's gangly. It looks like it belongs in a Dr. Seuss book. And it's honestly perfect. Plus it fits our space at least 1,000 times better than the noble fir -- skinny and tall, just like our room. I think we have a winner, folks - our new go-to tree type for the rest of our years here in Utah.

*Not actually little, but the word just fit well in that sentence.


TheRapunzelGirl said...

i love love LOVE that tree! somehow i like them when they're less bushy so you can see the ornaments better. what variety of tree was it?

Nicki Clark said...

Jeanette! We think it's a really young bristle cone pine. They are native to our mountains, so they sell them at lots in this area. We've seen them for sale in Colorado too.

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