Shooting and fireworks

It seems we had a weekend full of explosions over here. The good kind. It started off Saturday afternoon with a little shotgun shooting out on a friend's farm, where I actually managed to hit some flying clays ::applause:: We shot handguns too, but let's just forget all about that part since I couldn't hit a target to save my life.

And then Saturday night Ty and I caught some fireworks in our neighboring city. We left for the festivities a bit late, but since we were on the motorcycle Ty successfully bobbed and weaved in and out of cars and police barricades to get us to the most amazing firework viewing spot, I tell you what. We nuzzled ourselves onto a piece of ground almost directly below the launching site, and the blasts were so big and so close, I literally had to turn my head to see them all. Amazing. I had kinda been in one of the crumbiest, grumpiest, you-leave-me-alone-and-I'll-leave-you-alone kind of moods all day (the worst), but cuddling with my husband and watching those fireworks really did a good job to turn my whole frown upside down, if you know what I mean. It was a wonderful night. There's just something perfect about a summer night and being outside with my favorite people that just can't be beat. Summer nights get two huge thumbs up in my book.


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