A BBQ and soccer game

Turns out the demolition derby was sold out Friday night (whaw whaw), so instead we headed up the canyon for a BBQ with some friends, and it was just about the best idea we've ever had. Seriously. I'm not sure what made it such a great night, but I couldn't help feeling like it was the perfect night. Frisbie was played with Hank. We had a feast of veggie skewers, meat, grilled seasoned corn, grilled pineapple, salad and a slew of snacks. We put up the slackline, and everyone had a go. Hank stole his very first piece of people food off someone's plate (for the record, it was a hot dog from one of our neighboring BBQ-ers, and I snatched it away from him before he could enhale it). It was a very eventful evening. And the people. THE PEOPLE! It was a bag full of smiles and laughs all night long. I tell you, we have the greatest friends. One by one we have joined up over the last few years and formed the best group of fun-havers I ever did know. The perfect night.

After a nice night's rest Friday, Saturday morning greeted us with a sleepy morning trip to the grocery store for doughnuts followed by a sun-filled, tree-lined drive up the canyon (lazy morning? Yes.) But honestly, I live for those types of mornings. I didn't even shower until 6pm (gross? Of course not.) Ty and I just slouched out of the house after barely clothing ourselves and felt absolutely no rush to be anywhere or do anything. We followed the canyon, doughnuts in hand, as far as we could go before it started descending back down into the neighboring canyon. We made sure to explore a side road in search of the best camping spots for later on this summer, and we stood for a nice long while at the top before heading down. Windows down. Sunroof open. At our leisure. All Saturdays should start this way.

That good bout of relaxing called for few productive hours around the house after we returned (truck horns don't fix themselves, after all), then we headed up to the REAL soccer game where we were greeted with not only a tasty dinner, but a dessert cart that even Betty Crocker herself would have been jealous of. Plus REAL won. Fabulous.


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