Home sick

I woke up Saturday with a dry, scratchy throat. You know the kind I'm talking about. When it feels like you have swallowed a desert, cactus and all, and your red parched throat isn't having it. That was my throat Saturday morning. It wouldn't even let me sip water without pain, I tell you. It's always like this though -- this is how my colds show themselves. Disgustingly parched throats and stuffed runny noses and sinus pressure that makes me feel like I can barely open my eyes. Grogginess at it's best. Usually I don't get sick, but I haven't been as fortunate lately. I didn't let it ruin Saturday, but in an effort to avoid public confined spaces (and transmit said horrific desert throat), I've spent most of today camped out in the living room with Hank, listening to various talks and taking care of some flyers I needed to design. I'm sure there will be a nap or two before bed time as well, and possibly catching up on a couple episodes of Downton Abbey.

Also, I turned on this song this afternoon, and Ty started singing along. He knew all the words. I had never heard it before. "Come on babe, you know this song!" he said, in between his bouting off the lyrics. Love that man.


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