Happy weekend

Hip hip for Friday! Another speedy week over in these parts. I swear -- summer hits and there is always something going on; something to do, somewhere to hike, someone to visit with. Time seems to be gone in the blink of an eye. Ty and I don't have too many things set for the weekend (camping maybe?). But tomorrow we are going to go shooting and picnic with a couple sweet friends we don't get to see very often -- I'm looking forward to some catch up time. Hope you have something amazing planned! Here are some links to get the ball rolling.

How beautiful is this house?
What you trying to get, bud?
Imma try this cardio sandwich workout.
And imma throw this Scientific 7-minute Workout in there too.
So tender.
Definitely on the must experience list.
As well as this.
Lusting after this lovely necklace.
The light in this photo is killing me with how beautiful it is.
Tiny garage home -- 250 sq. feet.
National Georgaphic's enthralling tumblr (I'm a sucker for historical photos)
oh. my. gosh.
My future stationary.


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